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but since I have read all 53? books when I was 14? 15?, I'll indulge. x-posted to [ profile] animorphsfanfic. ps- i havent been to sleep yet. *g*. *is about to pass out*

Feedback- I'm a h0r for it.
Warnings- Unbeta-ed.

Authors notes- This actually was written at 5 in the morning. And was inspired by too many Orlando Bloom/Billy Boyd angst fics. *sighs*. West is killing me and I'm taking it out on the animorph fandom.

The tension in Marco’s body was traveling fast to his hands and he clenched them together in a effort to stop them from shaking. Jake had called him a hour ago and told him to meet him here. Marco really didn’t want to be in Cassie’s barn when she wasn’t; the animals were starting to freak him out. But Jake had called and sounded so miserable, almost like he was in some kind of pain.

He shook his head to clear the emotions that were taking over his thoughts. He had thrown on his clothes in minutes because of the tone of Jake’s voice. He had quickly morphed to a bat ( the fastest morph he could think of that wouldn’t get so tired so fast) and jumped from his window.

Marco glanced at the cages lining the walls and mentally willed the beasts to be quiet. The badger in the last cage (the one closest to him, damn it) rattled against the bars violently in outrage at being mentally commanded. Marco damn near jumped out of his skin with the clatter and quickly got up to move to a quieter (and safer) place to wait.

Marco wanted to scream as he paced back and forth, periodically shooting glances at the door and then turning his attention back to the floor below. His entire body was thrumming with pent up anxiety and frustration.

The door to the barn creaked open slowly.

“Marco?” Jake’s head peeked through the crack and surveyed the room before walking in and closing the door behind him. He walked in looking around as if someone were going to jump out and beat him over the head with something. Marco looked him up and down worriedly noting that he was only wearing a pair of plaid boxers and a beater. His eyes were red and puffy around his lids, his breath coming out in little huffs.

Marco moved into Jake’s personal space swiftly, putting his hands on Jake’s shoulders to steady him. Marco gazed into Jake’s eyes until he closed them; Jake leaned against Marco and pressed their foreheads together.

Jake’s breathing evened out to something resembling normal after a few moments. Marco rested one hand on the nape of Jake’s neck and the other rubbed the small of his back in slow, soothing circles. Jake let his breath fan against Marco’s face, while arching into the fingers that kneaded his neck in a slow motion. Somehow all the panic left Marco’s body the moment he was touching Jake.

Marco moved his face to Jake’s shoulder, while keeping both his movements on Jake’s back and neck in action, so that he could whisper in his ear.


“No, I…,”Jake’s voice broke off into a contented sigh as Marco’s deft fingers rubbed into a particularly tense spot.

Marco didn’t see any reason to speak after that and apparently Jake felt the same, because neither of them said anything for a long moment. After his muscles started to feel something like human again, Jake stepped back from Marco, avoiding his eyes.

“Thank you,” Jake looked up and stared hard into Marco’s eyes. “I…think I can go home now.”

“May I ask what the hell this was about, please?” Marco didn’t feel half as annoyed as he let his voice portray.

“I woke up and I…,” Jake looked down again and shifted his feet. “felt like I was drowning.”

Before Marco could say anything to that Jake was pressed into him with his whole body. Marco felt his hands twitch before closing on Jake’s arms and squeezing to keep himself from falling under the pressure of Jake’s weight. The air was being forced out of Marco’s lungs rapidly, but Jake didn’t seem to notice how hard he was hanging on.

Marco pushed uselessly at his unyielding grasp and managed to get Jake’s arms loosened to where he could breath. Marco rested his head on Jake’s shoulder and felt fingers running along his jaw. Moving his head back and slightly to the left he was confronted with Jake’s soft but firm lips against his. Marco pushed into the kiss even while his arms held Jake’s shoulders for fear that he would develop another death grip on his waist again.

Jake suddenly shoved Marco back and stepped away. Marco stood shocked and watched as Jake walked slowly backward out of the barn, eyes never leaving Marco’s face. Marco briefly thought about calling out to the retreating figure, getting Jake to come back. But as he felt himself, for the first time since he arrived, breathe a full breath, he decided that he was done for the night. Tomorrow would be another day to decipher the man that was his best friend.
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