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Title: Late Night.
Author: [ profile] nubeinchild/Lonnie
Pairing: Orlando/Elijah
Rating: NC-17
Summary: This is a pwp. If you find anything in here slightly resembling a plot, you have every right to slap the h0r out of me.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never have been mine. Never will be mine. And This never happened, to my knowledge.
Warnings: un-betaed. I do own up to all errors.
Dedications: For [ profile] talesinbloom, because I love her.

Elijah panted hard, inched his thighs wider and dug his knees into the sofa cushion. Occasionally his left knee slipped down, but Orlando just spared one of the hands gripping his hips to pull it back up.

The slow rocks they’d started out with gradually turned to quick, hard thrusting which had Orlando clutching hard at Elijah’s waist. Pulling him back and moving him forward. Hissed obscenities through his teeth as he manipulated Elijah’s body into a mindless state of submission.

Sweat pooled at the base of his spine, ran down from his forehead into his eyes. He used his grip on the arm of the couch as leverage to push himself back, meeting Orlando thrust for thrust.

Orlando stopped, pushed, and held steady inside, asked Elijah what it felt like. There were sparks behind his eyelids.

Elijah wrapped his hand around his cock, moving his thumb in slow circles on the head. Combined with the feel of Orlando’s perfect aim, it was just enough sensation to push him to the edge. Orlando moaned low in his throat when Elijah tightened with the pull of orgasm.

“Get…down.” Orlando grunted, when putting his full weight on Elijah didn’t lower him, he pulled Elijah’s arms from under. “…down”

He growled into the cushion when his face hit it, clamped his teeth around a chunk, and tried to control the little huffs of breath whistling out.


Orlando didn’t give him any time to answer, or adjust his position on the couch, before thrusting forward with the same force he’d administered before. Not the same, though. He wasn’t hitting as deep, but his cock was incidentally rubbing harder at his prostate. Elijah jaw worked the fabric between his teeth. He felt the climax climbing his spine.

Orlando pressed his face to the side of Elijah’s neck, babbling and cursing desperately. Pressed into the couch too hard to touch himself, but it was okay, he would come just like that. With Orlando rocking his body, with his cock sandwiched between his belly and the couch. He would come just from the pressure of Orlando’s cock, jabbing against that pleasure point.

“Here…” Orlando couldn’t get all of the words out for lack of breath, but his hand grasping at Elijah’s fingers implicated what he wanted.

Elijah held firm as the tremors wracked through the body above him, moaning and squeezing the hand when his own orgasm tore out.
The sound of blood pounding blocked out his own cries, but he thought he might have heard Orlando’s whispered “Elijah, fuck…”

Oxygen didn’t come easy for minutes after. Orlando pushed up and off of his back, rolling onto the floor. When his breathing resembled something like normal, he gently prodded Elijah into moving, pulling him down into his arms.

Elijah’s muscles stopped screaming once he was nestled against Orlando’s side, tucked his face against Orlando’s neck. Elijah’s eyes closed when he heard Orlando’s soft snores, darkness covering him completely.
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