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Title: Guess who loves you more…
Author: Nubeinchild
Pairing: Orli/Elijah/Melissa
Rating: nc-17
Warnings: This is a marysue, unbetaed.

Gift for [ profile] xdrew574x.

Leaving marks

Leaving fucking marks

Elijah’s mind runs through a dozen different subjects, but the thought that there’s going to be hickeys all over this girls neck is the one that sticks. She either isn’t thinking about that, or she doesn’t give a damn. Which is good, considering he doesn’t want to stop…

Panting into the curve of her neck, Elijah feels small hands travel down his neck, then gripping his shoulders. Signs and signals. Someone had told him that…

She tucks her face in the crook of his neck, sucking at the skin. Elijah really doesn’t know what to do with his hands, but his body’s already caught on to this dance, and before he knows it he’s latching onto her tight jeans and pulling down. It’s hotter once he’s settled his weight between her legs. The heat of her thighs enveloping his waist, and there’s nothing but sweetsoft kisses on his face, his neck, his lower jaw.

She lifts her shirts over her head without breaking a beat, pulling his off next. Elijah groans against her throat when she pushes up.

“What’s your name?” Elijah hovers over her, feels his eyes’ clamping shut when she arches again.

“What?” She asks, grinding harder against his hips.

Name…yours, what is it?” Elijah’s slipping. He knows it. Her clear brown eyes remind him of…

“Lissa... my name, I mean.”

He’s not so far gone that he doesn’t notice the door open. The light from the hallway pierces his vision from the side; his forehead is pressed into the side of Lissa’a neck. Both of his arms are wrapped under hers, his hands gripping her shoulders from underneath….all the better to thrust in harder than he should, and without pause.
The tall figure bathed in shadow stands at the doorway forever it seems, and Elijah can’t stop or slow. Her hitching moans are all he needs to keep him going at the same pace. He’s using all of his concentration on holding out, with Lissa pulling him in deeper, racking sharp nails down his back, and taking moments out of her moaning to slide her tongue along his.
The light in the room slowly disappears, and just as he thinks whoever was at the door has left, he feels the mattress sink. There’s warmth on his neck that feels suspiciously like a hand, but Lissa’s hands are on his lower back…and before he can pull up to see, the warm hand is a body and that body is pressing him down from behind. Lissa catches his mouth before he can get any of his protests out.

“Shh, Lij, just…shh.” Orlando whispers. The position he has Elijah in prevents him from turning or lifting, so Elijah can’t confirm that it’s him, but fuck if he doesn’t know that voice.

And Elijah could make up a dozen excuses for why he’s going along with it. All of them would be justified too, but…silencing his mind by licking at the corner of Lissa’s mouth erases it all faster.

Orlando sets a rhythm now, pushing Elijah into Lissa forcefully, whispering things in Elijah’s ear while, and nipping at the side of his neck.

Marks. Leaving fucking marks

Orlando’s telling him to wait, telling him to hold out, and telling him to watch Lissa. He holds out as long as he can, shaking with the effort, locking hands with Lissa, pressure ratcheting higher and higher till everything blends together in harmony and all he can hear is the slam of his hips against hers, Orlando’s voice in the background, and he doesn’t have to think about it. Doesn’t have to think about anything because there’s nothing to think about. He’s losing all control, but its okay, because Orlando’s telling him to. It’s perfect. Everything falling away…

It’s safe to just…

“No, Lij, watch us,” Orlando cups his jaw with one hand, the other arm holding his body over Lissa. Her heads turned to the other side, but Elijah can see her body shaking. “Watch.”

Orlando pushes into her, setting a punishing pace, and she tears at him more fiercely than she did Elijah. Biting and clawing, twisting her hands in his hair. Elijah can hear when Orlando strokes just right; her moans go a few octaves higher. Lissa’s eyes close suddenly, hands no longer fisted in Orlando’s hair, but in the sheets. He can’t just watch her come down, Orlando splayed between her legs, he has to touch, has to…

She doesn’t resist when Elijah pulls her into his arms, cradling her. His eyes are closing, he couldn’t keep them open if he wanted to, and he doesn’t

The bed shifts and a few moments later he hears the door creak open and close.


Date: 2005-08-14 12:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh my fucking god. Just oh my fucking god.

I stopped eating my fries after the first sentence. I dont care what the hell they say about Mary Sue's I fucking LOVE them and I love this! LOVE it. Thank you so much, really. Just Thank You! I owe you my first born. and I'm putting this in my LJ too.

Oh my fucking god. Just oh my fucking god.

*Loves, snuggles, and snogs you to death!!!!*

Date: 2005-08-15 10:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i'm so envious of how raw and hot and just...omg. i can't stand you or melissa right about now.

lol this was so effing hot. this is right up with her TWNBB short. you both are my heroes, but you already knew that, of course.

and i think maybe you could work on a present for me. xmas maybe? or even my birthday? *hopes*

Date: 2006-06-17 06:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ALSKDFALSKJFLASKJdf;aslkfj;alkJ:LAKSJ:SLKDFJ:SLDKJF...*renames self Lissa*



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